Configuring PHP Settings


Settings for PHP applications installed via the Opalstack control panel can be configured as follows:


Create a file named .user.ini in your application directory.

Note the leading dot . character at the beginning of the filename. This dot is required.


Edit your .user.ini file to specify your PHP settings.

Each setting should be on an individual line in the format directive = value.

You can use any PHP directives that are listed as PHP_INI_ALL or PHP_INI_PERDIR in the "Changeable" column in the official list of INI directives.


Save your .user.ini file. Your changes are effective immediately.

Example: setting the maximum file size for uploads

The maximum file size for uploads in our default PHP configuration is 8MB. If your PHP application needs to be able to accept larger uploads, for example 20MB, then create a .user.ini file as described above and include the following lines:

post_max_size = 20M
upload_max_filesize = 20M