What are your name servers?

If you want to use the Opalstack control panel to manage the DNS records for your domain, you will need to set the NS records for your domain to point at Opalstack's nameservers.

This is normally done via your domain registrar, or via whoever manages the NS records for your domain.

Opalstack's nameservers are:


  • ns1.us.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns2.us.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns3.us.opalstack.com (IP


  • ns1.de.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns2.de.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns3.de.opalstack.com (IP


  • ns1.sg.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns2.sg.opalstack.com (IP
  • ns3.sg.opalstack.com (IP

These NS are available for all Opalstack customers - we recommend you select the region closest to your domain's target audience. We will be adding more regions in the future.