SFTP Access

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) allows you to securely manage and transfer files to and from your home directory on your Opalstack server.

Using SFTP


Install a SFTP client on your own computer if you do not have one already.

Most modern FTP clients include support for SFTP. FileZilla is a popular, cross-platform SFTP client.


Create a shell user if you have not done so already.


Configure your SFTP client to connect to your server. You'll need the following information:

  • Server or host: your Opalstack hostname or IP address, available on the dashboard.
  • Username: your shell user's username
  • Password: your shell user's password
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Port: 22
  • Initial directory: /home/username where username is your shell user's name. Note that not all SFTP clients will require this setting.

Now that the connection is configured, you can connect to the server.

Usually this will be done with a "Connect" button. Check your SFTP client documentation for more specific instructions.

Changing your SFTP Password

Your SFTP password is the password for the shell user that you're using to make the SFTP connection.

Please refer to Changing a Shell User's Password for more information.

What about regular FTP?

Regular FTP (File Transfer Protocol) transmits all data, including your username, password, and contents of your files, over an unencrypted connection. Because of this, it is very insecure for use on public networks and we have no plans to support it at this time.