Why don't I have root/sudo access?

Customers on Opalstack's managed hosting service do not have root or sudo access to the servers that are hosting their sites. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Root access would allow a shared hosting customer to see files and data for other shared hosting customers on the server - this is would be a major concern for both privacy and security.
  • Root access on a managed VPS would make it easy for an inexperienced customer to interfere the server side of our management infrastructure.
  • Our control panel handles tasks which typically require root access on an unmanaged service, such as modifying web server configuration, creating new shell users, and managing databases.

But the internet said I needed root!

There are many "How to install X" tutorials online that mention the need to run commands as root or via sudo, but in practice most software can be installed within your home directory without root access. If you're attempting to install custom software and are having problems doing so without root access, please contact the Opalstack team for assistance and we'll help you get it done!