What is Opalstack's backup policy?

How often does Opalstack back up customer data?

We back up all servers daily (usually at around 11:00PM GMT).

What is the backup retention policy?

Opalstack retains recent backups as follows:

  • The 3 most recent daily backups
  • The 2 most recent weekly backups
  • The 2 most recent monthly backups

How does data recovery work?

Please contact the Opalstack support team if you need data recovered from your server's backups.

Please include the following information for the items you need recovered:

  • For files and directories: the original location of the file and/or directory
  • For databases: the type of database (MariaDB or PostgreSQL) and its name
  • For all items: the date from which the data should be recovered.

We'll attempt to recover your data from the backup nearest to, but not later than, that date.

Recovered data will be placed in an archive in your home directory on your server.

Are the backups guaranteed?

We do not guarantee the availability and integrity of our backups and very strongly recommend that customers maintain their own offsite backups of their data that would otherwise be irreplaceable in the event of a catastrophic system failure.