Building a Site


Sites on Opalstack are built from the following components:

  • Shell users which own and run web applications.
  • Web applications which are routed to URI paths like /, /blog, et cetera to create routes.
  • Domains and subdomains which are combined with routes to create a site

Read on to learn how it's done!


Add a new Shell User

  1. Click on Shell Users in the control panel sidebar and add a new shell user for your application.

  2. Enter the username that you want for the new shell user. This is the name that you'll use when you log in to SSH and SFTP as that user.

  3. Select the server for your new shell user. This will be the server from which your site will be served.

  4. Click Save.

  5. A notice will appear at the top of the page to notify you of the new shell user's password. Make a note of the password.

  6. After ~1 minute (usually less) a second notice will appear to let you know that the user has been created and is ready for use.

  7. The new shell user is assigned a random password by default. We recommend you change the shell user's password after you have created it.


Add a new Application

  1. Click on Applications in the control panel sidebar and add a new application.

  2. Click on the application type that you want to use.

  3. Select the applicable options for the application type that you've selected.

  4. Enter a name for the application. This will be the name of the filesystem directory that the panel will create for your application.

  5. Select the shell user that you created in section 1 above.

  6. Click 'Add Application' to install the new application.

  7. After ~1 minute (usually less) a notice will appear to let you know that the application has been created and is ready for use.


Create a new Domain

  1. Click on Domains in the control panel sidebar and add a new domain.

  2. Enter the domain name in the space provided. Note that this must be a domain that you've already registered and have pointed at your server's IP address.

  3. Click 'Save' to add the domain.

  4. Repeat steps 1 though 3 for each additional domain and subdomain that you'll use on the site. For example, if you want to use and, you'll need to create both of them.


Create a new Site Route

  1. Click on Site Routes in the control panel sidebar and add a new site route.

  2. Give the route a name to help you identify it in the control panel.

  3. Select the IP address assigned to your server.

  4. Under "Application Routing Info", click "Add Route".

  5. Select the application to serve on the new route.

  6. Enter the URI path from which you want to serve the application. For example, you might want to serve a static site from /, or a Wordpress site from /blog.

  7. Under "Domain Info", click "Add Domain".

  8. Select the domain you want to use for the site.

  9. Click 'Save' to save the new site route.

🎉 Congratulations -- you now have a site!